British Regal chocolate bath to wash his girlfriend

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Domestic money wayward "national husband" Wang Sicong captured a girl to follow public in the United Kingdom also have such a domineering CEO, Danny - Rambo, called Britain "Playboy of the most." Danny scratch, coming home billions of dollars to lavish, extravagant life known. Recently, he was specially built for his girlfriend the world's first chocolate bath, ejected from the tap instead of water and thick chocolate. The bathtub priced £ 10,000 (approximately over ninety thousand yuan), must take a bath once every 1,000 pounds (more than 9000 yuan). (Exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced.) (Source: Tencent news compilation)

Because his girlfriend is very fond of chocolate, Danny will be specially ordered this unprecedented bathtub as Easter gift for his girlfriend. Unique is the addition of a bathtub can accommodate 205 liters of chocolate storage tank for heating pressurized. When the warm melted chocolate stormed bathtub, it can also provoke white chocolate bubbles. His girlfriend Natasha - Flynn was surprised after receiving the gift, she describes himself while eating chocolate while enjoying chocolate bath feels like a beautiful paradise. (Source: Tencent news compilation)

Danny has been working in Egypt since spent some time, learned that Cleopatra Cleopatra's many stories. The queen is also known for extravagance in life history, he has a bath with donkey's milk, while Danny felt his girlfriend as his queen, she should get the same treatment as the Queen, he sprouted the idea to send chocolate bath. (Source: Tencent news compilation)

As a capricious tyrant, Danny's life will ultimately Heung Che beauty, Lamborghini is his favorite, his collection of many Lamborghini sports car, hence the name "Rambo" and his real surname is actually Kay Yep. (Source: Tencent news compilation)

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Autumn155 days ago

Haha, usually see Tyrant news are generally despise plus jealous, but seeing the Tyrant's legendary family history, the first time I had admired

The other is typing ... 155 days ago

"He believes that people live in the time necessary to make full use of the money brought happiness, after the death of the charity, give to family and friends." See this, I am actually speechless, they told me I should sprayer How under the mouth

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